Confused Facebook Statuses

Being confused is not a very good state to be in, but it does have quite a bit of comic value. Confused Facebook statuses are generally quite successful in generating a few laughs and “likes”. For this reason you can post confused Facebook statuses from time to time. We have plenty of these confused Facebook statuses for you to choose from.

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I'm sooooo confused! I feel like a chameleon in a box of skittles!
so confused don't know what to do bout anything anymore wish i were five years old again things were so much freakin easier
talks to themself, answers themself, and gets a little concerned when they argues with themself. It's hard to know who's winning, losing and in control.
is having a debate with my mind and my heart; I need 1 of them to win so I can understand.
- Why is it that the only thing I want off my mind is the one thing I can't stop thinking about?
Too many emotions I don't know what to do!!!
thinks "confused" should be a relationship status.
i know i cant have both.. what do i do?
Is lost within the twisted confines of my mind...
If you have to keep asking yourself if you're doing the right thing. then you're probably NOT
is thinking ... maybe the pain a person feels is not measured by the amount of tears they have shed ... but by the amount they have held back ...
I'm confused that what to do & what not to do ? coz u make me fell confused...........
Why does life have to be so confusing?! I wish you could see the future and know what you were suppose to do!!
i wonder if u even realise how confused u make me feel
is having one of those days when even Status Shuffle can't find a status that sums up what's in their head..
My heart pulls me one way .. My mind pulls me another .. My soul pulls me another. Is there a RIGHT WAY? .. and If so, WHICH way is it?
does anyone else put things in a safe place...then forget where that safe place is??
should have known better, and DID know better, still did it anyway. But, was it worth it?


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